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Merry Cooking! How To Prepare That Perfect Holiday Meal

Now that the holiday season is officially here, I am guessing all of us are busy shopping for presents and attending all those fabulous parties. And for us who are in-charge of whipping up savory holiday meals, I’m guessing, you are stressing out, too, thinking about all the preparation. I tell you, even though I live and breathe stress every day in my work as an executive chef, the anxiety I feel as cook for my family and friends is way off the charts. I don’t know, it is probably because I am cooking for the people I love, and I just want to serve them the best. These people also happen to be my harshest critics. Ha.

So, before we all start suffering from holiday anxiety, I am sharing to you two tips that will help you survive the cooking rush and have a truly merry meal:

  1. Plan, plan, plan. Pretty basic, right? But you will be surprised that most of us forego this very important part of holiday cooking and just throw caution to the wind. While doing so may have worked the last time, believe me, without any sort of plan, something will go awry, and that is the last thing you want to happen. So a month before the grand feast, sit down and write the meals you plan to prepare. Then list everything you need to buy (or grow) and keep that inventory with you always. (You’ll never know when you will have time to shop amid the holiday madness.) Another thing that can help us? Mobile apps.
  2. Have fun. Yes, I know this may sound mad, especially when you are at your wits’ end trying to figure out if you have perfected your granny’s Christmas casserole. But what’s the use really of getting frustrated if that ham doesn’t look “perfect”? Cheer up! Your family doesn’t require perfect-looking meals. What everybody looks forward is spending time together over dishes you lovingly prepared for them.


Hello! I hope we all survive the holiday rush. Let me know how it goes in your kitchen. Find me, Allie Fremin, on Facebook, and tell me all about it.


Fast and Healthy Breakfast Recipes for the Busy Individual

Image source: scrumpscupcakes.com

Image source: scrumpscupcakes.com

When you’re a busy, working individual, all you might think of in the mornings is how to escape the rush. You don’t really think much about what to eat because you don’t feel hungry after thinking about the stressful things you will face at work.

However, your health and eating habits should be a priority. If you think you have no time at all to spare, take a look at these fast and healthy breakfast recipes. These will take less than 15 minutes of your time.

Fruit parfait
Mix fresh cut fruits in a glass of white yogurt.

Scrambled eggs with vegetables
Cut a variety of vegetables in small pieces and cook them with egg as an omelet.

Fruit salad
Chop fruits (leftovers are okay) and put them in a small container. You can have it as a healthy mid-day snack, too.

Grilled cheese
Pop your bread in the toaster with cheese inside and season with pepper. You can even take it to the office if you are really in a hurry to leave.

Image source: cassandrebeccai.com

Image source: cassandrebeccai.com

Plain oatmeal can be boring, but it can be fun if topped with cereal, fruits, and even veggies.

Blend your fruits with yogurt or milk, and chug on your breakfast.

Hi, I am Allie Fremin, and I dream of becoming a Michelin-star restaurant owner some day. Check out this blog for more easy cooking ideas.